What is Bear Market Economics

“Bear Market Economics” is not a science; it is a phenomena of "political economics", requiring perspective from a variety of disciplines to understand. We are influenced by behavioral economics. We derive focus from the marketplace, the commons and political activity of individuals and organizations. We utilize a variety of fields of inquiry including regulation, distributive politics, elections, corporate politics, public policy, social welfare, scientific and science policy, political participation and collective action, interest groups, constitutional choice, legislative behavior and organization, judicial institutions, bureaucracies, comparative institutions, cooperative political economy, macro political economy, allocation of resources, the environment, ecology, law and economics, business and government, how markets affect and impact the public and the commons. The orientation to these topics tends to be descriptive and positive rather than normative.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bear Market Economics Blogs

Bear Market Economics Blogs

"Capitalism is preferentially identified by its euphemisms: "Free Enterprise," "market system," "private enterprise." "the American Way," etc. Overt and pervasive partisanship in support of capitalism is not regarded by the American media as an ideological bias negating professional "objectivity" but rather comparable to the serene acceptance of natural laws." 





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