What is Bear Market Economics

“Bear Market Economics” is not a science; it is a phenomena of "political economics", requiring perspective from a variety of disciplines to understand. We are influenced by behavioral economics. We derive focus from the marketplace, the commons and political activity of individuals and organizations. We utilize a variety of fields of inquiry including regulation, distributive politics, elections, corporate politics, public policy, social welfare, scientific and science policy, political participation and collective action, interest groups, constitutional choice, legislative behavior and organization, judicial institutions, bureaucracies, comparative institutions, cooperative political economy, macro political economy, allocation of resources, the environment, ecology, law and economics, business and government, how markets affect and impact the public and the commons. The orientation to these topics tends to be descriptive and positive rather than normative.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bear Market Economics Blogs

Bear Market Economics Blogs

"Capitalism is preferentially identified by its euphemisms: "Free Enterprise," "market system," "private enterprise." "the American Way," etc. Overt and pervasive partisanship in support of capitalism is not regarded by the American media as an ideological bias negating professional "objectivity" but rather comparable to the serene acceptance of natural laws." 

American Media Watch

America Watch

 American Consumer

 America's Default War

 American Dysfunction 

America's ForeclosureGate

American Imperialism and Empire 

Animal Watch

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 Bear Market Economics

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Bear Market Photojournalsim 

Behavioral Economics 

Bilderberg Sanctions 

Building Alternatives: Yes We Can 

Collateral DamageCorporatocracy 

Deep Ecology 

Ecological Impact 

Exercises in Political Dissent

Existential Risk 

ExoPolitical Waves 

Flog a Banker

Food, Health and Medicine 

Fracking America 

Global Warming and Climate Change 

GOP Exposed 

Hegemonic Global Empire 

Hillary's Connections 

How Stuff Happens 

How to Succeed in Business 

HSP Plus and Beyond 

Main Street Works 

Microsoft and Windows 10 Watch

Minimalist Ecological Living 

Northeast Michigan Democrat 

National Insecurity 

Obama Watch 

Of Plutocrats and Plutocracy 

Other Issues 

Our Revolution Continues 

People's Kabuki Party 

Planet Killers 

Politics and Applied Social Theory

Politized Technology 

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Questions of Ethics 

Revolution 3.0: Living Beyond Empire 

Save the Middle Class

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Secret America 

SISU: A Foundation for Action 


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The Case Against Recreational/Social Drug Use 

The Case for Universal Health Care  

The Human Condition 

The Road to POTUS 

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The Social Safety Net 

The Religious Right and the Tea Party Movement  

To See Ourselves As Others see Us 

United Workers 

What Good Do They Do?

World Views